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5 Steps in Building Your Lawn Care Business

The following are the 5 basic steps in building a successful lawn care business. Intertwined through these steps you should always consider building your brand image.

We often hear from clients that they would like to build their brand image after they've been in business for 4 -5 years. While it's great that they are thinking about their brand image, what a difference it would make if they had considered that brand image from day one!

Image is something we have whether we try for it or not. In other words, what the public sees is the image they have of you. If you're driving an old rusted truck then that's the image they'll have of you. If your logo looks like it was created by someone on their home computer, then that's the image they will have.

First impressions are important. They are formed by your brand image.

1. Build route density. Route density is the key to profitability. Target your marketing in a way that builds profitable routes. Keep drive time in mind when creating your marketing plans and mail drop schedules. Traffic and access (bridges, toll roads) does come into play.

2. Profile and target your most profitable customers. Not all lawn customers are equally profitable. Profile customers regularly and monitor profitability. Which is your most profitable segment? Lawn care customers, landscape customers, mowing customers, commercial properties; know who your best customers are and sell accordingly.

3. Build up your lawn care bench. Prepping for growth is crucial. Many companies pass up growth opportunities because they don’t have the staff to take on new business. The best companies don’t miss growth opportunities because they build their bench and have people ready to handle opportunities.

4. Build cash reserves for future growth. Lack of capital will stand in your way to grow. Build cash reserves so that when opportunities arise, your company has the capital to fund it.

5. Maintain consistent lawn care marketing efforts. It is important to maintain consistent sales efforts even after you've grown the business and you’re tempted to cut overhead by reducing your marketing costs. Some companies tend to reduce marketing after growth has stretched their resources or in tougher economic times. When they need sales again, they start over with an all new sales effort. Most of the time, this doesn’t work. You lose momentum and brand awareness. It takes time to build sales traction; try not to lose it once you have it. Whenever possible keep your marketing programs moving forward. If you get stretched to the limit, selectively drop a few unprofitable customers and / or marketing areas to concentrate on the more profitable ones. Build your brand image.