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Yes Marketing is a consulting firm that recommends and executes marketing programs for clients in the Green Industry - particularly, the lawn care industry.  Our goal is to provide our clients cost-effective ways to generate more leads and sales from a marketing universe of residential consumers. We do this mostly through direct mail and television.





What this website is about...

The goal of this web site is to give you some information about the marketing tools

we have used successfully for clients in the past – how much they cost, how to best use them, and what kind of results you should expect based on our experience. Here are just a few of the topics to be covered in detail:



  • Web Sites: Your web site is the least expensive and most versatile marketing tool you have available.  Will it drive all of the new sales you will need to meet the goals in your marketing plans and business strategy – probably not. Not even with all of the search engine optimization and banner advertising you can use or develop.  But it can serve as a lead generator, a sale closer, a customer and consumer relationship building tool and even an employee training tool if it is developed to do so. Almost everyone that interacts with your company in any way will visit your web site.


  • Direct Mail: It is our experience that direct mail is still the driving force in most lawn care service lead generation and sales campaigns, albeit not as much as it was ten or twenty years ago. Spring campaigns are the main and sometimes only profitable direct mail programs, although a few companies have had success with small mailings in the fall.  A successful direct mail campaign includes the right offer mailed to the right people at the right time in a format that will get their attention.


  • Television: Television advertising is a proven lead generator in the lawn care business.  Yes, the upfront costs can be high, but for companies with larger budgets, television – especially cable television – can cost-effectively improve response and closing rates from all sources and have a positive impact on retention.


  • Door Hangers: Door hangers or mailbox / driveway leave behinds can act and respond in much the same way as direct mail. The difference is that you (or someone you hire) are the distributor of the material and not the United States or Canadian Postal System, therefore the cost of getting these brochures to the homeowner is less. It’s often a question of which do you have more of – time or money.


  • Targeted Marketing: Marketing or advertising to consumers who are not likely to buy your service is a waste of money.  Whatever medium you use – direct mail, telemarketing, television, digital advertising, billboards, radio, space advertising, etc., if you aren’t targeting the people most likely to buy your product or service you are just throwing money away.


  • Your Marketing Data Base: Your marketing data base may be your company’s biggest asset other than your customer list.  It’s important that it is up to date, error free, and contains all of the information you need it to.  Whether you realize it or not, you own a marketing data base. It starts with your customer file and should include every customer you ever had, every inquiry or lead to which you’ve ever responded, and every name and address to whom you’ve ever sent an email, text, letter or postcard.  (Even if you can’t legally reuse the address for marketing purposes, you can use it for research and response analysis.)This is the foundation of every marketing effort you will ever do whether it’s direct mail, email marketing, telemarketing, or just good customer service.

Hi!  My name is Don Nichols and I am the owner and president of Yes Marketing.



I’ve been involved in marketing lawn care and related services for well over thirty years and the information contained on these pages represents some of the experience and knowledge I’ve gained through years of testing and re-testing different offers, brochure formats, list segments, cable TV networks, broadcast TV programming, and pretty much anything else you can think of that might prove worthwhile in marketing lawn care, landscape, and other home services.


This web site has served my company well for many years, doing all of the things that I suggest your web site do for you including generate leads, close sales, help build the brand, and serve as a training tool for staff members.  However, at this stage of my career, I just don’t need it to do that as much anymore.  So instead, I thought I’d fill these pages with what I have learned while marketing to literally hundreds of cities across the US and Canada for over a hundred clients. I don’t claim to have all of the answers, but I can share with you what I’ve learned – what worked, what didn’t and what are the real costs and  response rates associated with both.  I hope you find at least some of the information on these pages to be useful.





"I tell everyone who calls me about Yes Marketing, ‘if Don Nichols tells you something about marketing, just do it’."

Kenny Crenshaw







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“Marketing is simple – find out what people want to buy and sell it to them.”


“Make them an offer they can’t refuse.”